About Us

‘I am Vasilia Vlachopoulou and I am a creative technician and designer of hand-crafted jewellery.
I have studied at MOKUME school for art studies in Thessaloniki and right after graduating, I began working at one of northern Greece’s most approved workshops.
Upon returning to my hometown, Xanthi, I began tutoring children and adults on hand-crafted jewellery and on the history of art.
I have recently founded my own workshop, in the town
centre, under the name "TIRA_TO", which has made a striking impression for its unique pieces of jewellery.
My love for nature and my desire to develop a business with a low carbon footprint have led me to upcycle materials.
It is this element that renders my pieces of jewellery distinctive.
I collect old objects which inspire me, and transform them into jewellery. The materials I opt for are usually
copper, bronze, brass, wood and glass.
Objects that have faded into oblivion are repurposed and revalued. Parts of a bronze faucet can
be transformed into a bracelet and those of a vintage lamp into a ring. The jewellery that has been crafted from upcycled materials is unique due to its small portion of similar raw materials.
Therefore, jewellery that has been crafted exclusively only once emerges!
Besides, TIRA TO is one of the very few eco-friendly jewellery alteration businesses in Greece, which opts for upcycling.’