Ring Sizing

Ø14,96 mm size 47
Ø15,28 mm size 48
Ø15,60 mm size 49
Ø15,92 mm size 50
Ø16,23 mm size 51
Ø16,55 mm size 52
Ø16,87 mm size 53
Ø17,19 mm size 54
Ø17,51 mm size 55
Ø17,83 mm size 56
Ø18,14 mm size 57
Ø18,46 mm size 58
Ø19,10 mm size 60
Ø19,42 mm size 61
Ø19,74 mm size 62
Ø20,05 mm size 63
Ø20,37 mm size 64
Ø20,69 mm size 65
Ø21,01 mm size 66
Ø21,33 mm size 67
Ø21,65 mm size 68
Ø21,96 mm size 69
Ø22,28 mm size 70
Get to know your fingers before you start measuring.
Consider the following:
Keep in mind that the fingers on your dominant hand are larger than those on your non-dominant hand
when measuring for ring size.

Large statement rings:
Keep in mind that ring bands that are wider/thicker (than 6mm) will fit more snugly.
When purchasing a thicker band,
it is best to go half a size up to ensure that the ring is comfortable.

Stacking rings:
When purchasing slim stackers,
choose a snug-fitting ring size
(measure the finger you intend to wear the ring on).